Call of Duty: Playlist changes, crash fixes, and Challenge reward issues resolved

The model’s new black ops Chili Battle Note is right on January 8 and has a lot to dig into.

The playlist for Black Ops Chili Battle is currently updated every Thursday, as we reported earlier this week. As of yesterday, there are several new model modes to explore in the multiplayer section, along with RAID + Crossroads Strike 24/7, Gunfight Blueprint and Firetam: Soiled Bomb Duos.

On top of that, it also describes what we can count from the Black Ops Chilli Battle at the middle of the season due to its launch on Januray 14. 14. It could produce a new model as a new model Is, in addition to this is the dropkick.

You can know the amazing checklist below for a summary of the latest Black Ops Chili Battle Note from the trek below:

Responsible Name: Black Ops Chili Battle Patch Note 8 January
Everyday Challenges:
Fixed a difficulty that could prevent every day’s challenges from showing.
Additional points that prevent the Workforce Deathmatch Challenger, Hardcore Challenger and Hardcore Champion from being monitored properly.
Seasonal Challenges:
Fixed a difficulty that could prevent a large-scale crash problem from being monitored while using a cruise missile.
Selected Playlist:
To face
prop Hunt
Fireteam: Soiled Bomb
In Gunfight mode, the game first saved enemies from being killed by their spawn zone.
Adjusted Time in Mixed Arms: Attack when occupying an area.
Fixed an issue with HARP, where the location of espionage espionage schemes makes it possible to prove the minimum map.
Fix an unusual crash that occurs when you call a holiday care package.
Operator work:
Adjusted XP award for operator mission.
dead body:
Various stability improvements were added.
Closed various map usage areas.
An issue was determined using a pack-a-punch on a weapon, which would disable an ammunition mode.
Lifeless Ops Arcade 3:
Solution to a problem where the participant will load in Lifestyle Ops Arcade 3 with the wrong operator tracks and skin.
Fixed a difficulty where a contestant could very well be defeated by running under Spike Lure.
Addressed various particle effect points.
Completely different battle points as seen when switching from Solo Play.
A difficulty where a contestant may lose his bronze lap after a non-public match.

To see everything we’ve seen from our in-depth times with the multiplayer portion of the latest entertainment in the name of the Responsibility Franchise, go to Our Responsibility: Black Ops Chili Battle Multiplayer Review for extras.

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