Cyberpunk 2077 Cool flying mod lets you soar over Night City

No, I couldn’t find some black market cyberware about my character for his calf that made him leap like a hulk in Night City. Despite seeing Pose in the screenshot above, this is kinda a Superman thing.

With the freeflood mod for Cyberpunk 2077, you can leave the pavement behind and fly straight-up. A simple tap of the 5 keys activates your new superpower, and then the thing is to steer yourself through the air to change WASD, plus space and your height. Air travel has never been easier.

Flight is not super smooth (at least for me) – it’s a weird irritant, in fact, even at low speeds like the gif above (you change the speed of your flight with the 6 and 7 keys Can). But it’s still great to get up in the air and check out Night City from a new perspective. Freefly mod requires the Cyberengine Tweaks mod to run, so make sure you install it as well.

Climbing Night City is good because I was honestly disappointed that Cyberpunk 2077 did not have some flight options. I’m not saying that V should fly like Iron Man, but a hovercar or two should have been welcomed. Except for a helicopter ride and a hover-limo trip at a doubles point in the game, you’re pretty much stuck on the ground.

I’m hoping someone eventually mods into Blazer Spinner so that I can glide in style around Night City. In the meantime, it will have to do. If you are looking for more fun ways to modernize the game, check out our list of the best cyberpunk 2077 mods.

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