How Is Docker Used For Cloud Infrastructure Automation?

In this article we will be looking at the main issues associated with how is Docker used for cloud infrastructure automation. There are two broad types of cloud-based computing, VMWare and Amazon Web Services, both of which provide open-source software to their customers, but they also work in a partnership relationship with other software vendors.
The container is a software specification for creating virtualized software components in order to help with the performance management of applications. VMWare is a leader in this area with its proprietary technologies and recently acquired Helion Cloud Foundation to form what they describe as a developer community around the container-based technologies.
To get the best out of container-based applications, the service providers must integrate these technologies with their software and some have introduced plug-ins to provide more functionality for the end-user. The container platform, part of the company’s Open Container Alliance is one such example. It also provides a command-line tool that a user can use to access containers such as apps and docker.
This is perhaps the most important issue for those looking at how is Docker used for cloud infrastructure automation. It is because, like VMWare’s Helion platform, it creates a way for the end-user to run containers through a web browser, using the commands included in the platform to allow the integration of services, as well as advanced automation capabilities.
It is also interesting to note that when the system was first launched, it was designed for developers, to enable developers to create containers without the need for extensive knowledge of the underlying operating system. The vendor has developed container-as-a-service to enable developers to quickly create containers and to automate them through the use of various tools such as Jenkins.
When you understand how is Docker used for cloud infrastructure automation, you will have a good understanding of how cloud services are powered, and you will have a greater understanding of how you can make your application more automated. For example, you can enable your business to reduce the cost of running applications by automating the applications themselves.

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