New Battlegrounds Mobile India update to make sure your data isn’t shared with China

After much hype, Battlegrounds Cell India is playable in India. No, it’s not released yet, rather it’s in the market as an early entry to help people get a style. This has inspired millions of people to get the game, a joyous second for the battle royale game. However, problems went a bit wrong when he was accused of sending customer information to China, pointing to an opportunity for a ban. Also Know: How To Change The Color Of Blood On The Battlefield Mobile India (BGMI) – In Less Than 1 Minute

That said, the latest rumor is that people’s information is secure and will not be sent to China as part of the new software program. Here’s what it’s all about. Also Know – Battlegrounds Mobile India Map Download Matchmaking Issue – How To Fix It

Indian battlefield cell not linked to China

According to a report by IGN India, following the latest allegations and CAIT’s request for a BGMI ban, Crafton has released the game’s first update, putting an end to all speculation. The short replacement will ensure that customer information is not shared with any Chinese language servers. Also, Know – Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) sends your data to Chinese servers. Crafton clarifies

It is advised that the Battle Royale game will be updated regularly as soon as it is launched. After this people will have to restart it and log in to their account.

It turned out that after updating the game, IGN ran a packet tracker to see how the issues were working out. The update made sure the game doesn’t work in conjunction with any Chinese language servers. As soon as the app info was removed, that too a proximity beta server. It is mentioned that this is apparently a result of the Information Migration feature which allows players to carry forward their purchases and progress of PUBG Sale.

Which means people’s information is safe and hence they don’t need to worry about being spied on by China. It also debunks the need to ban Battlegrounds Mobile India.

To recall, the Confederation of Indian Traders (CAIT) has recently called for a ban on the game, citing security and privacy reasons.

This is not the first time this has happened. Prior to the game’s early entry program, there have been cases where politicians called for a ban on Battleground Cells as a result of similar reasons. However, since there is no evidence of any malicious practice, the game can very effectively be licensed in India.