Techland confirms Dying Light 2 lead writer has left but says ‘exciting news’ is coming

In 2020 it was a tough 12 months for Zombie Parkour Sport Dying Light 2. At E3 2018 it strengthened with a catchy trailer and Chris Avalon’s identity waned, although an anticipated launch in spring 2020 was delayed by 12 months. And Avalon was proven door to door several months after allegations of sexual misconduct. Then, earlier this week, it turned soft that lead author Pavel Salinger parted ways with developer Techland, undoubtedly unhealthy information for a game that would not even have a brand launch date.

“After twenty-two years, I decided to end my association with Techland,” Salinger wrote on his LinkedIn page (via Gaming Route). “I would like to express my gratitude to the corporate that has allowed me to develop and fulfill myself for half of my life. Techland, I will be rooting for you all the time, except for the good ones, because of which I’ve met. You. I want Mridu 2 and later works to turn into a world hit. ”

In an announcement, Techland confirmed that Selinger had definitely left corporate, though clarified that his position as a fiction designer was filled a couple of months before his departure.

A studio representative said Pavel Salinger, who has been a narration designer for the final two years, set out in late 2020 to end his collaboration with Techland and pursue his additional profession. “Techland and he, among others, take credit scores for the success of Juarez’s collection of names. He left a large piece of himself with Dying Mild 2, as he undertook from the start. His duty, ie . The narrative division was taken by Piotr Sijmanek in October 2020. ”

Techland additionally mentions that its artwork director has not left corporate, regardless of some studies. The confusion at the time probably stems from Salinger’s LinkedIn profile, which lists him as the studio’s artwork director from 2007 to February 2009.

“We want to assure all followers of the upcoming Dying Mild 2 that the director’s place of artwork is not just threatened and has been held by Eric Cochonne since November 2019. Eric is taking good care of each side that comes . And the group under their management is doing their best to supply gamers that are attainable to the very best game, “noted Repp.

The excellent news, therefore, is that it does not appear that Salinger’s departure will cause a significant disruption in the improvement of Dyeing Mild 2, although unhealthy information is that {12 months after the 2020 delay, we have no idea what the exact situation is. There is improvement, and yet there is no indication of a launch date. This can change quickly, nevertheless: The rep said that Techland “can share thrilling information about a child who dies quickly!”


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