Counter-Strike: Global Offensive removes bots from competitive

Any Counter-Strike: Global offensive player knows the sense of drowning of a teammate. As a game that takes the competitive experience seriously, CS: GO locks players in matches and punishes levers with increasingly lengthy restrictions: it’s not that it stops players from leaving , Or being kicked, especially when a team lost the first doubles round. That player is then replaced by a bot, which has terrible AI, but can be taken by a dead player in the team.

Players have long made a variety of requests for bots, but the guy does the latest CS: GO one surprise: it completely removed him from the classic competitive (5v5) and wingman (2v2) modes.

The vocal elements of the CS: GO community are fuming more and more about this change, though it’s worth noting what Valve is trying to address here. My guess would be common behavior where toxic teams kick a poorly performing player to get a bot, their reasoning being that the chances of the team being higher are when the life of one of the better players is multiple. When I have smelled many times, I have kicked my own team in competitive matches and the same has happened to others on countless occasions.

This behavior is undoubtedly a problem for CS: GO, although it has been a problem for years that raises the question, ‘Why make this change now?’ The answer seems to be the riot of a riot, with Valve paying attention to certain ideas and getting rid of them, and in that game the lever is not replaced with bots, although the unfortunate team gets a cash boost. This CS: Go update does not include a cash element, which would have been some kind of compensation, and therefore feels a bit like throwing a bathtub with a bathtub.

Farewell, then, to one of the Cs: rituals of GO. This is almost always the case when a team finds a bot: you spam the ‘hold this position’ command somewhere in the spawn, the bot Eugene guards a wall for a minute or two, and then the dying team. The first member of takes it. up. Yes, that wasn’t right, but a player seems to have a better solution than effectively living two lives. Just puppy, 4v5 now people. We have to see if the change has the desired effect on the behavior of the player.

Other changes include an update to the weapon ping system, fixing a minor issue whereby players could see enemies raising guns through walls through weapon shadows. There are also a bunch of minor fixes, and some more substantial environmental changes to the map: here are the full patch notes. I’ve never fallen in love with CS: GO’s competitive bots, especially when they were just YOLO-ing the enemy team with SMG, but in a weird way I’ll miss those dopes.


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